SSL - Jan. 25, 2020

Had i known that changing to SSL have become this easy, i would have done it a long time ago. Free certificates, and a nice and easy setup and configuration script of the web server from lets-encrypt. It is just at matter of doing it, and then the script auto updates the certificates when it is time. Great thanks to EFF!

Wheezy - June 16, 2013

This was one of the more broken update i have ever encountered. While updating apt was complaning that there was installed drivers manually by Then it tries to remove these using " --uninstall". This would be fair enough if the program actually worked. Ended up with a half completed dist-upgrade. As some might know this is not the best place to be. After recovering the package dependency hell, for some reason the upgrade had removed "auto eth0" from /etc/network/interfaces. Why would they do that? Knew that there was going to be issues because django had been updated. So that is fair enough. Everything now seams to be running as it should. At least the server part of the machine. Should i really surrender and move my server to som generic hosting?

Projects - Nov. 10, 2012

Have made some links in the bottom of the pages that takes you to the "secret" sub pages of The recipe page has been there a while, but not been public. The recipes are in Danish. The newly created project page so far only has one project, but I will probably add more of the projects I already have in progress. The only project for now is my arcade machine. It is not that far in design face, but is getting along.

Web Audio API - Oct. 23, 2012

If you need to have audio on a web page, whether if it is for you game, or some web application that might require some button or notification sounds when events happen (that is not triggered by mouse events *notch* *notch*), you should get acquainted with Web Audio API. It has been available in Google Chrome for some time now. Has recently been introduced in IOS 6 and Safari, and it should soon get into FireFox aswell The main advantages of the Web Audio API, as oppose to the <audio /> tag is that you can play multiple sounds at the same time, and you do not require a mouse event to trigger the playback. Which has been some of the limitations that has been put on the <audio /> tag by some systems. To get started on Web Audio API this small article is a great place to start It covers the basics, and you get a nice introduction on how the "node system" and filters work.

Finally is back in the air! - Aug. 4, 2011

The web page should be up and running shortly.

The reason for the long down time is a series of unfortunate events, starting with previous server CPU overcooking, caused by a faulty CPU fan. Then when ordering new parts the web shops had a bit of fun on my behalf. First board that i ordered was defect, it had a short circuit in the power connection. Second board i received, was the the board i had ordered at all. Although it said so on the outside of the box, the inside was quite different. But now finally i have a working new (extremely overpowered for this purpose) board that should give me lots and lots of joy.

Oh and just like every body else i am chickening out on XHTML and going for the buzzzz HTML5.

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