Welcome to - Dec. 5, 2007

There is more on the way don't worry. Just having a hard time figuring out why CyberCity (my ISP) can not figure out to allow people to connect on port 80.

Besides that I also have to get some sort of web framework up and running, and no I do not want to touch PHP. Considering to use Django, as recommended by a friend, or TurboGears. But have so many other things that have to be done, including my fullscreenfileviewer. Want to find a better name for it, but guess that will come in time.

An other project that I am working on, at the current moment, is to make a cabinet for my server. This project has been going on for the last 3 years and counting. But finally, within the last month or so, I have finally found the parts I was missing. Now "all" I need is the power, reset button and putting it all together. Over the time the project has run, it has changed many times. Started out as a server that should be incorporated into a teddy bear, then into a beer box, and finally into a plexiglas box that can look nice under the TV.

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