JAOO - Oct. 22, 2008

Better late then never. In the end of last month my boss and i where attending the JAOO conference in Århus. Although my boss where not that positive about the conference, i would have to say that it was very informative, and it was nice to get back to my computer science roots. It was also nice to see that it appears that functional programming is on the rise. Especially with Microsoft promoting F#. Having a minor SML fetish, it was nice to see F#, because it looks quite a bit like it. F# is based on another ML language (Objective Caml). Think it will be interesting to see how much they can promote it, now that most of the world is thinking in procedural programming. I personally thinks the world would be better with more functional programming. Especially in these parallel programming days.

We where also attending the tutorials that was associated with the conference, but that part i would call a wast of time. Because they of course had to have everybody along they started out _very_ basic. So in the end they had not gotten into the more interesting parts of the problems. But having said that, i would have to say that after attending the tutorials, it made me want to investigate a few technologies a bit further. For instance the up coming "web sockets" in HTML5, and how to create domain specific languages for architectural design. All in all a grate week, and of course got lots of swag and got to see some of the icons of programming language technology.

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