Server case - Nov. 8, 2008

Must be getting old. Because i have dropped building the server case my self. Now i have bought the Mini-box M300-LCD. Which is a rather nice little case. The best thing about it is that it is small, and worst thing about it is that it is small. Having a Mini-ITX SP13000 with a picoPSU the case was basically perfect. But with a 3,5" hard drive there is not much space left in the case.There is not room for a full PCI card, because the hard drive it filling up the space. Also the fan that came with the case is a bit noisy. So that have been replaced with a more silent fan. But besides this it is a very simple and nice case, with a fair build quality.

Now to the more interesting bit about the case. On the front, there is a LCD display with buttons. The installation of the display is very simple, it uses an internal USB connection. What really impressed me was the software that mini-box supplied for the display (Good to see some Linux software support for once). The software is basically only dependable on libusb. It contains a small util-app and library. That make it very easy to change what is displayed on the LCD, and to get events from the buttons. To my big surprise there is also an IR receiver build in, which is also very easy getting to work with the small util. Will definitely be playing a bit with the possibilities of this LCD.

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