Libre Graphics Meeting and Carnival - May 25, 2008

Think it is about time for an update. A thing or two have happened since last post. First of all have come home from the Libre Graphics Meeting that was held in Wroclaw - Poland. Which i attended in relation to Rawstudio, that i have helped a tiny bit with. Or at least i am friends with the two main developers of the project, and they invited me along. It was a very nice trip, and it was great to put faces on some of the persons who creates the tools that i use on a regular basis. Not to mention just to experience a city in Poland, which i must say is a bit different then here in Denmark.

Aalborg carnival, which i am still suffering hangovers from right now, was as always a very festive event. With lots of beer, happy people, and cute girls with very little cloth on. It was great fun sitting on a couch in the road side, while all the dressed up people walked by. Pictures from the event will be posted on this page, when i pull myself together and create a gallery system for this page.

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