EeePC 901 arrived - Sept. 25, 2008

Finally my eeePC 901 has arrived. The delivery only took two weeks. Compared with the two month it took to get my NAS it was fast. Because i could not wait for the eeePC 901 with Linux to get to Denmark i decided to buy it in the UK. This of course means that there is no danish keyboard, and there is no configuration option to set it as a danish keyboard. But luckily it is a Linux machine so Xmodmap can handle that problem for me, and already had a .xmodmaprc config file laying around. Have not played that much with it yet. But for some reason it does not feel like a real computer. But then again, i only bought it for web browsing, IM, and mail checking for when i am on the go. The Linux system that the eeePC comes with, feels very limited. As a first there is no option do remove the standard applications, which could clear up some of the very limited disk space. Not sure if i will keep the system, or give eeebuntu a try. At least there i hope to have a little more control over what the system contains. Although i only got it yesterday i have already found a problem. Not sure if it is ASUS that is to blame, but there should be an update of the system, but when tying to update it says "Failed to download". Have been searing the forums, and every body says that ASUS is working on it. Hope there will be a fix soon, otherwise i thing eeebuntu is worth a try.

Not sure what to say about the NAS that i have bought. It is a QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS. Everything seams to work fine. With the exclusion that you can in fact not "install" it without a windows or mac computer. Which makes absolutely no sense, since it is in fact just a tiny Linux machine. When i bought it, one of the harddrives where defect, and just made a horrible ticking noise. The installation did not detect that this harddrive did not work, and tried to install anyway, which of course did not succeed. So after a looooong time fighting the web shop where i bought the harddrive i got a new one. The NAS has been configured to use RAID5 so if one of the disks get defect i should not loose data. But because it could not detect the defect drive during the installation, i am not sure i can trust it. Although the installation required Windows or Mac, the maintenance and further configuration does luckily not require that, all is done from a crude web interface.

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