Ubuntu 9.04 on EeePC 901 - April 25, 2009

Now that Ubuntu have release their version 9.04, and was so nice to release a netbook edition. I figured i would give it a try. Since i did not want to overwrite the standard operating system (Because i really like one special feature in it... booting in 5sec.) i have installed it on a 8GB SD card. This was actually not as difficult as i had feared. Followed the Ubuntu guide of how to create an USB install stick from the netbook image. Using the usb-imagewriter util, this is as simple as downloading the image, selecting the file in the Image writer program, and pressing "Write to device". The booting on the Eee also went very, compared to other USB systems i have tried to boot on the Eee, like Backtrack. The Ubuntu simply just worked. When installing i selected the SD card. When getting to the part where the boot loader should be installed, it faild. This did not really come as an surprise as GRUB is not meant to boot on SD cards. With a little help from the guide USB Boot using GRUB i managed, with a few qualified guesses, to make GRUB boot the Ubuntu system. So far it looks really nice. There are a few things missing, like the webcam, and can't seam to get the mic to work either. But some tweaking should hopefully fix that.

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