Libre Graphics Meeting 2009 - June 21, 2009

Have completely forgotten to write about this years Libre Graphics Meeting. Was a fantastic trip. Event though the trip to Canada was quite long. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces. The talks where as last year very interesting. This year we talked a bit more with the people there and got some really interesting discussions for instance about how to collect user statistics. Are absolutely going next year too.

At work our office is placed on top of a movie theater. Having felt the vibrations when an action movie is running an idea sparked, about testing how much seismic vibration this actually created. Not having access to a seismograph, we found the next best thing. A Wiimote. So wrote a small python script that simply dumps the acceleration data and a time stamp to a text file, and used gnuplot to visualise the data. Unfortunately the Wiimote is not precis enough, so can conclude the Wiimote is not the best seismic detector.But here is the script. - it uses the cwiid python library, so does not run on windows. Sorry about that.

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