Porting to windows - Jan. 13, 2010

Porting software from Linux to Windows is not as easy as it should be. Have now spend too much time setting up a GNU build environment under windows, using MSYS, MinGW and GnuWin32. They have some nice utils, that is fairly easy to setup. But most of the builds are way to old to be useful. So basicly ended op having to compile and "install" all required tools and libs. Of course the classic GNU "./configure && make && make install" worked for most, then there where really some libs that gave a lot of trouble. Why does it have to be so hard to make things work on cross platform?

But now I have a build environment, and can start on the really hard part; making the software run on both Linux and Windows. Feels like hitting one wall after the other. A "simple" thing like creating a DLL, have shown to be quite the bigger problem then first anticipated. The examples found online are to simple, and the application know to do it right are too complex. Someone should write a good tutorial or sample application for doing it the right way using auto tools. Know that I am not the right man for the job. But maybe I have to become that in the end...

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