Android - Aug. 14, 2010

Got an Android phone yesterday. Since i am not used to touch screen or smart phones in general. I did not go all in, so have bought the cheapest Android phone on the market (LG GT540). Have not used it a lot yet. But can for sure see the idea. Some things in the system still have some work to do. But it has to be said that this phone only has the Android 1.6. So hopefully a lot of the minor things have been fixed in the newer versions.

Giving a short review of the LG GT540, it is deficiently a nice phone. The build quality seams very fair. The picture on the screen is really amazing. Did not expect the image to be so clear, and for a phone and the size of the screen the resolution is amazingly high. A couple of down sides though, are the touch sensitive screen which feels very cheap. This being a resistive touch screen this was kind of expected. But it works fairly well, considering the price. The other down side is the the camera. It is very nice that there is auto focus on the camera (even manual focus actually, quite amazed by that). But when making an image with 3Mpixel (not sure if the chips actually is 3Mpixel) there is so much noise, fragments and the image looks as if it has been processed like hell. Would not mind getting a raw sample from the chip to see the actual resolution. My best guess is that to compensate for having a very small lens, LG had to process the image like mad, to correct all the errors this lens gives. Even the phone that this one is replacing (a 5 year old Sony Ericsson w800i), that have a 2Mpixel camera, The images are much sharper and nicer to look at. So if good camera in your phone is important to you. This is not the phone for you. Another good thing, that i did not expect, is that the interface is working smooth and fast. There are a few applications that do take a bit of time to start, but nothing serious. Taking everything into account i really think this is a very nice cheap Android phone. So is budget a consideration for you, this is definitely a phone to consider.

Just to give a short update on the Win32 Rawstudio compile. During the LGM 2010 in Bruxelles, i finally had a compiled and working version. Working in the sense that the window open with all the widgets. There are a lot of path problems that has to be fixed before being able to open any images. But it is getting there. Hopefully in time for the Rawstudio 2.0 release.

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