Web Audio API - Oct. 23, 2012

If you need to have audio on a web page, whether if it is for you game, or some web application that might require some button or notification sounds when events happen (that is not triggered by mouse events *notch* *notch*), you should get acquainted with Web Audio API. It has been available in Google Chrome for some time now. Has recently been introduced in IOS 6 and Safari, and it should soon get into FireFox aswell The main advantages of the Web Audio API, as oppose to the <audio /> tag is that you can play multiple sounds at the same time, and you do not require a mouse event to trigger the playback. Which has been some of the limitations that has been put on the <audio /> tag by some systems. To get started on Web Audio API this small article is a great place to start It covers the basics, and you get a nice introduction on how the "node system" and filters work.

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